Webcam modeling jobs are plentiful, allowing you to work throughout the world. Webcam model pay varies; however, many new models earn $20 to $40 per hour. If working with the highest paying webcam modeling websites, even higher cam girl pay can be expected, as well as more traffic, and a bigger take-home percentage.

How to Make Money as a Webcam Model

The good thing about being a cam girl is that you don’t need a lot of equipment or experience to start with. Some tips for successful webcam modeling include:

  1. The right equipment: A computer, working internet, webcam account, and camera.
  2. Good lighting: Cast lighting or natural light.
  3. Makeup and outfit: Dressing to allure and looking beautiful is how you make money.
  4. Be you: Starting out with performance acts and developing a niche which fits your persona, thus helping you feel more comfortable and enhancing your sexy confidence.

Becoming a webcam model comes with perks such as good pay, a flexible schedule, and benefits of owning your own business. But, it’s also important to understand the finer details, such as an important question like how do cam girls get paid?

Lucky for you, we can detail it out below!

How can a Webcam Model accept Payment?

When you begin looking into how to become a webcam model you may have learned about the set-up, free adult cam chat, and the different types of webcam sites, but you likely glossed over the finer details such as payouts. When it comes to being paid by a webcam site, there are the three pieces of payment-related info to contemplate:

  1. Common payment options;
  2. Payment Services/Processors (Operational Outside U.S.);
  3. And, payment options you should NOT consider.

Common Payment Options for Webcam Models to choose from:


One of the fastest growing payment methods in the webcam industry is cryptocurrency such as the traditional: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. In addition to those, several adult-industry cryptocurrency sites have also recently popped up which focus strictly on the adult industry. For example:

  1. SpankChain
  2. JizzCoins
  3. Crypto Titties
  4. Red Bux

The benefits of using cryptocurrency in the adult-industry are numerous such as:

  1. Sites like Bitcoin are 100% chargeback proof (Yeah, that’s a big deal)
  2. Cryptocurrency is adult-friendly
  3. Small fees
  4. 100% anonymous which may be the biggest benefit.
Network Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum LiteCoin
BongaCams Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chaturbate Yes No No No
SkyPrivate Yes No No No
Stripchat Yes No Yes No
Xotika Yes No No No


Yep! The option to receive checks by mail or courier still exists. Most webcam sites that use business checks will send via USPS or FedEx, though they also provide payment through a discreet business name. The benefit of receiving a check through the mail is that, if sent through USPS, models are usually not charged with any additional transaction fees.

Top ‘webcam’ sites with a ‘check’ payout option

Network Min Schedule Chargebacks
BongaCams $50 Weekly Covered
CamSoda $20 Weekly N/A
CamWithHer $100 Bi-Weekly Not Covered
Chaturbate $50 Daily N/A
ImLive $50 Bi-Weekly Covered
LiveJasmin $100 Bi-Weekly Covered
Stripchat $100 Weekly Covered

Top ‘clip’ sites with a ‘check’ payout option

Network Min Schedule Chargebacks
AmateurCommunity $50 Bi-Weekly Covered
ManyVids $100 Bi-Weekly Covered
ModelCentro $100 Weekly Not Covered

Direct deposit

Direct deposit is a popular and often preferred method of payment. Like checks, the payments process with a discreet business name and typically have low or no fees to complete the transaction.

Top ‘webcam’ sites with a ‘direct deposit’ payout option

Network Min Schedule Chargebacks
BongaCams $50 Weekly Covered
CamSoda $20 Weekly N/A
CamWithHer $100 Bi-Weekly Not Covered
Chaturbate $50 Daily N/A
Flirt4Free N/A Bi-Weekly N/A
ImLive $50 Bi-Weekly Covered
LiveJasmin $100 Bi-Weekly Covered

Top ‘clip’ sites with a ‘direct deposit’ payout option

Network Min Schedule Chargebacks
BentBox $100 Monthly Covered
IndieBill $100 Bi-Weekly Covered
JustForFans $50 Weekly Not Covered
ManyVids $50 Bi-Weekly Covered
ModelCentro $100 Weekly Not Covered
OnlyFans $10 On Demand N/A

Payment services/processors (operational outside U.S.)

There are several sites which provide payments outside of the U.S., but not in the U.S. Here are a few recognized ones:

  1. Paxum: An e-wallet service available to individuals outside of the United States. However, if you set up a business account in the United States you can use the service. A debit card option is available which allows you to spend or withdraw from your available funds. You can also transfer your money to a bank account via wire transfer, though that may not be a popular option in the United States.
  2. Wire Transfer: Wire transfers are a popular way to move money to your bank account. However, banks charge “convenience” fees for money transfer transactions. Of these fees, wire transfers are often the largest with banks charging $25+ per transaction. As such, it is highly-recommended that U.S.-based webcam models avoid this payment option.
  3. ePayments: ePayments does not support US-based models. However, if you are outside the US you can use a prepaid debit card to withdraw from an ATM or make purchases as you would for any credit card.
  4. ePayService: ePayservice is nearly identical in options to ePayments and can’t be used by US-based models. You can use a prepaid debit card to spend or transfer to a non-US bank account.
  5. Cosmo Payment: Cosmo Payment is relatively new but growing quickly. They offer a prepaid debit card to spend anywhere. A credit or debit card is accepted as well as the option of withdrawing money from an ATM.
  6. Indiebill (preferred by Indie Models): Indiebill is one of the most popular payment methods for independent adult models, providing the highest payout-percentage in the business. In addition to their payment service, they allow models to sell their own content—video clips, photo galleries, zip files, etc. A model can also accept payments for Skype shows and Snapchat. They also provide free personal websites for models.

While the above services are available, it is important for adult webcam models to thoroughly read the payment processors’ policies and regulations prior to using them. There are several policies which are not authorized in the United States as well as fees and additional considerations.

Gift cards

While not a standardized form of payment through most sites, gift cards, especially Amazon Gift Cards, are becoming more popular today. Gift cards are frequently used by independent models because they provide:

  1. A discrete form of direct payment.
  2. Ease of purchasing most products anywhere in the world.
  3. An easy way to give tips and gifts.

Webcam sites that offer gift cards are limited, but gift cards are frequently accepted by independent models.

There are a couple of downsides of using “Amazon gift cards” as a payment. For example:

  1. Gift cards are not direct payments of money, so you can’t pay your bills, gas, rent, or mortgage payment.
  2. Amazon and other gift card companies expressly state in their terms and agreements that gift cards are not to be used as a form of payment. In fact, doing so can lead to suspension from the site, although this is rarely if ever enforced.

Payment Methods that should NOT be considered by Adult Performers


PayPal is the largest e-wallet in the world, and it is not surprising that new webcam girls will wonder why PayPal is a bad choice for processing transactions. The two biggest reasons to not use PayPal are:

  1. PayPal does not support the adult industry regarding payments, and you are at a higher risk for chargebacks.
  2. You are at a high risk of having your PayPal account suspended and any money you have in your account can be frozen.

Zelle or Venmo

Zelle and Venmo are popular payment processing services that offer bank-to-bank transfers of money. While this might sound appealing, there is a strong possibility for both the recipient and the sender to be at risk of chargebacks and fraud.

Bank-to-bank services should be reserved for only people you know.

In-person payments (usually cash)

It can be tempting to meet a viewer in-person to accept a cash payment. However, this is highly advised against. Meeting a viewer in person is the most dangerous way both physically and potentially financially to accept payment and should be done under no circumstances.

Wrapping up

Becoming a webcam model can be a fun and profitable part-time job or career as long as you weigh all the options out there and pick up only those which are in your favor. Do a thorough research and pay special attention to the above webcam model pay options and make your own webcam modeling business seamless and prosperous.