Cam models know this by heart - to earn a living, you have to entertain. You have to engage the audience, tickle their interest, and keep them coming back for more. That’s why having one, monotonous routine isn’t the best way to go about cam modelling. The job is all about excitement, forbidden fruit, and teasing. Therefore, you have to be creative. Get creative with your body and your mind, and, when things get a bit dull, reach out for help.

With a little help from my friend - sex toys and cam shows

The best webcam sex toy is the one that will capture and hold the attention of your viewers. Of course, fucking on camera is exciting to watch, no matter what the circumstances are. But picking the right “companion” isn’t such an easy task. Girls fucking dildos and boys teasing with butt plugs will always attract a lot of viewers - but which toy to choose?

Unfortunately, being a cam model doesn’t come with a hefty manual that will teach you all the right moves. The job requires creative thinking and relying on both your instincts and the advice of others. One of the better tips for successful webcam modelling is to always do your research. Who would have thought that there’s more to it than just showing off your assets on camera? Ah, yes, all of us in the business.

The best cam show demands the best toys

The best webcam sex is easy to watch and enjoy. Viewers don’t like seeing discomfort - most of the time. And even when they do, they want pre-planned discomfort, not a worried face that one might make because the dildo is chafing. That’s why it’s vital that you choose the right sex toys that will provide pleasure both to you and your viewers.

Most sex toys are made sturdy. However, they are made with recreational use in mind. And, let’s be honest - that’s not how you’ll be using them. You need a reliable companion (or ten); not something you’ll whip out from time to time, but a toy that can endure hours of use.

The perfect sex toy

No matter what type of toy you choose to blow the minds of your viewers, there are a few features it simply has to have. From butt plugs to dildos, anal beads to nipple clamps, all sex toys you use while camming should be durable, safe, exciting, and above all, pleasurable.

Safety first - why durability matters

You may be used to the sensation of repetitive pounding, thanks to your years in the business. Nonetheless, you should still choose safe sex toys. That means that you have to pick one that won’t hurt you. Keep in mind just how much you’ll be using the toy.

Now, you might be thinking, “a dildo is a dildo, how can one be safer than the other?”. Well, there’s a wide variety of sex toys out there. And for a good reason. Sex toy companies cater to a lot of preferences, needs, and desires, so there’s something for everyone. But even though you might be aching for that pretty, cheap vibrator, ask yourself if it can stand the test of time (and use).

The most critical feature of sex toys, when it comes to safety, is the material. Silicone toys are your best bet because they combine affordability with high safety levels. A silicone toy won’t fall apart even after your nether regions give it a couple of thousand memorable rides.

If you’re going for even higher safety standards, stainless steel and glass sex toys are a better choice. Even though they aren’t as flexible or life-like as the silicone or plastic versions, these toys are top-notch because they aren’t porose or permeable. That means they are extra safe for your delicate parts, and they will last you a long, long time.

Safe materials trusted brands, and long battery life is the holy trinity of sex toys for cam models.

Excitement goes a long way

Sex toys are, by their very nature, exciting. They are somewhat of a forbidden topic. We still talk about them in hushed tones, buy them in secret, and enjoy them in private, only sharing them with our most intimate partners. That’s why using sex toys is so lucrative for cam models. People want to see you doing something private, and for their eyes only - at least that’s the image you should be portraying.Â

Although no sex toy could be labelled as boring or ordinary, people like to see new and exciting things. Regular vibrators or simple buttplugs will do the job without a problem, but cam models should always go for sex toys that have show value.

Your viewers have to love the toy you choose. They have to be enchanted by seeing you use it. Entrailed, on the edge of their seats, they have to keep their eyes on every move you make with the toy. That’s the only way to keep them watching.

So, entertain them by choosing toys that are consistent with their desires. What’s more, pick those toys that are on-brand for you. If you’re going for the innocent, fresh of the bus, Midwestern vibe, you can’t exactly whip out an alien dildo that lays eggs in you.

Enjoy what you do

Pleasure is a massive part of cam shows. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, your viewers will notice - there’s only so much you can fake. Depending on what your brand is, pleasure is almost always an essential part of the cam show experience. If pain play is your game, then, what can we say except - endure.

Of course, being on-brand and engaging and entertaining your viewers should be your biggest priorities. That’s why you have to draw the right, smart moves when creating the image you portray to your audience. The carefully crafted image and brand should always include only what you’re comfortable with (sex toys included).Â

Therefore, don’t go for monster dildos if you know you can’t take it. Pick the options you’re most comfortable with, and those toys that you know will get you where you need to go - Pleasureville!

If you’re unsure which options work best for you, try out different options on your own. See what gets you to orgasm the fastest, which toys are the most comfortable, and which ones are definitely not your cup of tea. It’s perfectly alright to stay away from pretty little vibrators that will give you carpal tunnel because they can’t get you off.

The best sex toys for camming

So, now that we know what types of sex toys we’re after, let’s talk about choices. We all have them! The type of sex toy we ultimately choose for a cam show is a matter of preference. However, some toys are bigger hits than others. That’s definitely something to keep in mind while planning your sex cam modelling career.

An oldie but a goodie - the trusted dildos and vibrators

One of the all-time favourites, dildos are great sex toys for cam models. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means that you’ll be able to find one that’s both on-brand and pleasurable without a problem.


The most popular dildo for cam shows is a realistic dildo. Fittingly, the most popular one and the most realistic one on the market is named the RealCock2. It enhances the viewer experience and allows them to imagine that they are the ones that are thrusting into the cam model. The dildo is an ideal sex toy for girls and boys alike - especially if it has a suction cup-like the Don Johnson and Vixen’s Outlaw models do. This provides a gorgeous hands-free pleasure, which means your hands are free to offer more entertainment for your viewers.

If you or your viewers aren’t fans of realistic dildos, there are other options on the market. Smooth silicone dildos that come in every colour of the rainbow will surely catch everyone’s eye. You can even find rainbow-coloured ones! Or, if you think something more automated is more your speed, you can always forgo the dildo for another oldie but a goodie - the vibrator.


The all-time favourite vibrator on the market is Lovehoney’s Silencer. Aesthetically pleasing and simple in design, it does the job in a quiet yet powerful way. However, if you’d like your viewers to hear not only your moans but your toy as well, try the BigBoss G5 vibrator. This one is also ideal for size queens - those who like to show just how good and deep they can take it. And as a bonus feature - it also stimulates the G spot which will surely result in stronger, delicious moans and pants your viewers love to hear.

For those looking for something smaller, bullet vibrators, like the Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator, are an ideal choice. They look quite innocent and ambiguous - perfect for your naive girl routine.

Because dildos and vibrators are so versatile, they appeal to a broad audience, which is precisely why they are an ideal choice for cam shows.Â

The new kid on the block - interactive sex toys

Modern technology has revolutionized many aspects of our lives, sex toys included. The joys of advanced technology brought us interactive sex toys that can be remote controlled. Surely you already see the appeal, and potential profit, right?

Remote-controlled, or tip controlled sex toys give you an opportunity to engage your audience. What’s more, they are a perfect way for your audience to actively participate in your show. You can sync them up with the cam show website and allow users to control your pleasure - for a price, of course.

The absolute champion on the market is the Lovense company that offers several versions for various types of playing.Â

There’s nothing people like more than getting to stop being a passive participant. Although cam modeling is still a “you can look, but you can’t touch” affair, tip controlled vibrators bring your viewers a step closer to actually being with you - which is their ultimate desire.Â

Your audience can buy tokens that let them control the speed, strength, and the pattern of vibrations. This option gives people a sense of power, which is a potent aphrodisiac. But relinquishing control of your own pleasure, you’re not only earning extra money but also ensuring that your viewers come back to your future shows.

This is where Lovesense really dominates the market. The tip activated toys they offer are Bluetooth operated. The company offers a Chrome extension and a phone app that are compatible with many cam websites. Depending on what type of show you’re going for, we suggest testing out their bullet egg vibrator Lush, their rabbit vibrator Nora, and their buttplug Hush.

Tip activated vibrators are the most useful sex toy for cam models, and definitely worth the investment.Â

Such a pretty little thing - bedazzled accessories and gorgeous luxury toys

As mentioned, cam modelling is all about capturing the attention of your viewers. You have to try hard to keep them wanting more but also give them what they need. You can maintain that delicate balance with the help of sex toys.

People like pretty things. Things that are shiny or pleasing to the eye, feminine, and beautiful are always a massive hit with the viewers. That’s one of the many reasons why gorgeous glass dildos like the Icicles No. 29 are all-time favourite sex toys of many cam models. Pushing a delicate-looking flower-like glass dildo into yourself makes for an attractive sight.

Bedazzled sex toys like Jeweled buttplugs or Esculpta’s artistic cock rings - will also draw the eye of your audience right where you want it.Â

Take a walk on the wild side - fetish sex toys

If you’re a cam model who caters to various fetishes, your sex toys should portray the exact same image you’re going for. Fetish sex toys are not as few and far apart as they once were. The fetish community now has a lot of options at their disposal, which means that you can quickly get your hands on anything that is intuned with your viewers’ preferences.

Chastity belts and cages, collars with leashes, clamps, and spreaders - whatever your audience wants to see, you can provide it for them.Â

Keep in mind that, for cam models, who work on their own, fetish sex toys can potentially be a hazard. Always use only those toys you are comfortable with and that you know you’ll have no problem removing.

Get ready to rumble - a few parting words

No matter what sex toy you end up choosing, remember that safety and entertainment come first. Depending on your niche, preference, and budget, searching for the perfect sex toy might take a while, but we’re sure you’ll get there. With a toy (or a few) in hand, we’re sure you’ll conquer the masses in no time.