Interactive sex toys are gaining in popularity all over the world, especially in the webcam community where the audience’s pleasure is on everyone’s mind. Webcam sex toys are a must for earning those extra tips, not to mention that there’s something especially kinky and naughty about watching someone pleasure themselves. It’s enough to make anyone burn with desire!

But which are the best wireless vibrators? Is using them truly necessary — why isn’t a dildo enough? Let’s see what makes these sex toys for girls and boys so alluring and how they could change your career for the better.

Wireless, high-tech vibrators: could they increase your earnings?

Technology has graced the humankind with many innovations, but all the advances made on the vibrator market are truly something else. With the advent of the Wi-Fi remote vibrator, the rules of the webcam game have changed. Now, even the audience can play its role and actively take part in the simultaneous pleasure of both parties.

Yet, the best advantage of the popularity of these new gadgets is that the market is still untapped. Some cam models aren’t that into high-tech vibrators; they believe they require a lot of effort or a sizeable investment. That’s why they’re slowly fading in the background; if you’re not doing everything in your power to raise your earnings, i.e., you’re not innovative — you’re going to lose track of your career.

Experience has shown that the cam models who are willing to try new things often get more tips, a larger audience, and overall a better satisfaction rate. But here’s the real surprise — they’re spilling all their secrets and have a few recommendations in mind. Here are the five best wireless vibrators for webcam models that should skyrocket your career in no time at all.

The best wireless vibrators for webcam models

Lush by Lovense

As one of the best vibrators for women, rumor has it that Lush by Lovense opens up a world of pleasure to anyone who uses it. What’s more, it’s the best Wi-Fi vibrator for cam models, as it offers one rather neat feature — it can be controlled via an app and by sound. Whenever the client tips the model, the gadget will recognize the sound and vibrate, pushing them toward an orgasm.

Lush is the industry standard, with many cam models turning to it because of all the options it comes with. The vibrations are silent, so there won’t be any noise issues while doing a show. Furthermore, it has a unique design — it perfectly hits the G spot, while the vibrations take care of the rest of the lady bits.

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Max and Nora by Lovense

Because Max and Nora work together so flawlessly, you ought to consider investing in one of them, especially if you’re looking to raise your earnings.


Max high-tech male masturbator feels like a real vagina and offers controlled functions. It can simulate sucking, and there are various vibrations patterns within reach as well.

Additionally, Max is eerily realistic; when connected to Nora, both gadgets work in each other’s favor. When the man is thrusting hard into Max, the woman using the Nora will feel it all; the vibrator will rotate and vibrate to boost the pleasure. Thus, Max offers exploding orgasms and one of the most lifelike experiences you can hope for. Similarly, the more the woman thrusts into her Nora, the more pleasure the man receives.

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Offering 100+ hours of battery life and the ultimate G-spot pleasure, Nora is an app-controlled vibrator many cam models opt for. Its incredible ability to connect to Max and bring two orgasms together is bound to provide you with all the tips you want. What’s more, offering such a high-tech, realistic experience will draw in more customers!

Design-wise, Nora offers everything a woman needs to reach an earth-shaking orgasm. Its 360-degree rotation allows it to massage the vagina walls until the woman feels satisfied. Furthermore, its flexible arm accommodates many body types and feels quite “full” on the inside — something that drives most women crazy with excitement.

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Vibease by Vibease

If you’re looking into hands-free vibrators that can be easily used during shows, Vibease could lend a helping hand. This tiny gadget is covered with hot pink silicone and super-easy to use. You can place it in your panties while the audience gathers round, and then show them how much pleasure it’s giving you.

One of its best features is that it supports both music and custom vibrations. All you have to do is connect it and play your favorite tune. Another thing some models love doing is downloading audiobooks to see how the gadget reacts. According to users, the results are mind-blowing.

Finally, Vibease has another advantage — it charges fast and lasts for up to three hours. On top of that, it’s app-controlled and waterproof; you can use it in the shower or with a friend.

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Nova by We-vibe

Nova is a tiny app-controlled vibrator that your audience is definitely going to love. It allows you to connect with anyone in the world and let them in on all the fun. They can use the app to control how much pleasure you’re getting and at what rate. They can go slow or fast, depending on when they want you to orgasm.

The main selling point of Nova is that it offers incredible clitoral stimulation. It bends in various ways, adding pressure to the clitoris and making you scream with joy. Best of all, it has a good range of vibrations, and you can even make your own custom ones.

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##Final thoughts

The camming industry is still somewhat new. Even though most cam models are earning a lot of money by pleasuring themselves in front of a webcam, all that could easily go away if they don’t keep up with the times. Going for high-tech wireless vibrators will ensure your clients keep coming back. What’s more, if you get them to control the vibrations, you’ll provide them with an unforgettable experience that’ll certainly inspire plenty of huge tips.