Camming is a lucrative career, which is why a lot of girls have been signing up on camming sites. In fact, there’s a 37% increase in new cam girl sign-ups this March compared to March last year on CamSoda, according to its vice president, Daryn Parker.

But there’s more to it than just finding and signing up on the highest-paying webcam modeling sites. You also need to know how to attract viewers and turn them into loyal fans. That’s why you need to learn how to use free shows to your advantage. Doing free shows is one of the proven ways of getting more viewers.

No, we’re not saying that you bare it all for free. You don’t show your naked bum for free—ever. That’s like the golden rule in the camming world. But if you’re not going to remove your clothes, how will you keep your audience interested and engaged? Well, let’s just say that you need to let all your charm and charisma flow to get as many people interested in you as possible. You also need to learn how to keep them engaged.

10 Ways to Engage an Audience

Here are some audience engagement tips to help you learn how to interact with your viewers.

1. Think of what your viewers need

Before you even start, you should already have an idea of what your audience needs. This way, you can address them more effectively. Plus, they’ll engage more if they know that you understand them and what they’re looking for.

2. Stick to your subject

If you’re going to ask live event experts on how to engage your audience, they’ll tell you to pick a subject and stick to it. But cam girl shows aren’t as formal as live events. It’s okay to talk about different things—whatever your audience wants to talk about. However, spouting out nervous gibberish probably won’t endear you to your viewers. Try not to go off on a tangent too much when addressing your viewers’ concerns.

3. Make sure your show has flow

You know you’re in a state of flow when your audience is hanging on to your every word. But to achieve this, don’t make listening too easy or too hard for your viewers. If your topic is too easy or too shallow, your audience will soon lose interest. Make them think—but don’t make them think too much. You have to find the right balance so that your show can flow naturally.

4. Maintain eye contact

This one is kind of tricky since, technically, there are no eyes to keep contact with. Your audience is on the other end of the camera. So what do we mean when we say maintain eye contact? Look at the camera when you talk. That’s because when you look at the camera, your audience will feel like you’re looking at them. It’ll be weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.

5. Show some skin

You’re not supposed to remove your clothes when doing a free show. But nobody said you couldn’t tease them. Show them some skin—just enough to keep them excited and wanting for more. Think of it as a preview. Give them a taste of what’s to come if they pay for a private show with you.

6. Involve your audience

If you’re a good storyteller, your fans would probably be mesmerized by you. But if you keep prattling on about yourself, your audience will lose interest real quick. That’s not how you engage your audience. There should be communication between you—and communication is a two-way street. Give your audience a chance to speak. Ask them questions and let them ask you back.

7. Tell a story

Everyone loves a good story. So why not tell one yourself? Paint a picture in your viewers’ minds through storytelling. You can also use some of your past experiences as a reference. They’d like that as it makes them feel closer to you.

8. Be as visually appealing as possible

As a cam girl, your appearance is very important. After all, your primary merchandise is you. So put on your best clothes, wear makeup, and fix your hair. Make sure your background is nice and clean too.

9. Use appropriate humor

Your fans also want to see the lighter side of you. Don’t be too serious. It’s okay to insert some humor here and there. But make sure to use appropriate jokes. Racy jokes are okay but never racist jokes.

10. Talk to them

Some cam girls prefer typing instead of talking when responding to their audience. However, when you type, there’s this awkward silence. Your fans would love to hear your voice. They want to hear you talk to them. Plus, you’ll lose “eye contact” with your fans when you type on your keyboard. Remember, we talked about maintaining eye contact?

How to Engage an Audience

When you’ve done everything on our list, and your first show is more or less successful, you may be wondering how you’re going to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more. Well, this one is simple. Be as natural and authentic as possible when interacting with them. Be attentive, interesting, creative, and energetic. And don’t forget to brighten their day by flashing them your million-watt smile.

Even if you do find considerable success in the camming world, never think of yourself as the queen of the webcam modeling site. When you start putting on airs, you’ll lose sight of your fans and their needs. And when your novelty wears out, you’ll realize that you no longer have loyal fans on your side.

An awesome cam girl knows how to put on great shows without losing sight of their fans’ needs and wants. Maybe you don’t have all the answers on how to keep your audience engaged all the time. But that’s okay. Don’t be too hard on yourself.