Do you really need to invest in sex furniture?

After all, if you can do the deed on your bed, on a lumpy old couch, or even on the floor, buying furniture that claims to be made for better sex doesn’t seem like a good idea.

But there are certain things that feel a whole lot better with a few simple tweaks here and there. And that’s what sex furniture is all about. You wouldn’t know it unless you try it, but a small change of angle here or a special kind of material used there makes a big difference when it comes to how comfortable you feel during sex.

And really, clients love it when they see you lounging on something they don’t normally see in their own homes. It just goes to show them you’re investing good money into making better shows that get you higher tips. It’s all the more thrilling for them when they see you coming prepared.

Camming Room vs. Bedroom: Where to Set Up Your Cam Show

Do you need to set up your own camming room?

If you’ve been camming for a while, you know you need a dedicated place to do your camwork.

And if you decide to buy sex furniture, you’ll need to make sure your work area has plenty of space to accommodate all of that.

For cam models just starting out, you’re likely camming from your bedroom. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially since you likely already have the key items — a comfy bed and a small space for your webcam and computer.

As your career progresses, it’s best to set up an actual camming room. It may seem like a waste of space at first, but you have to remember that your camwork is your source of income.

There’s nothing wrong with having a proper office, one that has all the space you need to accommodate the furniture you need to push your career further along.

Of course, many cam models have achieved career success simply camming from their bedroom. After all, it’s not the furniture that does the work. You still have to do it. Having a great set of sex furniture only helps.

And if you’re ready to furnish your camming space, here are some of the most amazing pieces you can get.

Top 5 Pieces of Sex Furniture You Should Get

1. Esse Tantric Sex Chair

Available in 12 sexy colors (Seriously, if you don’t think platinum and champagne shades aren’t sexy, you should get your eyes checked!) the Esse Tantric Sex Chair can transform your sex life… er… your work life in a snap.

In essence, this chair offers you the ability to have sex by yourself or with a partner in whatever position you like. You can configure it in various ways and experiment to find out which positions truly make you go wild.

The Esse chair looks quite ordinary, but it’s perfectly suitable for your bedroom or your camming room — and no one will probably even know what it’s for.

It looks like a high-end chaise lounge, with huge curves and slopes to allow you to get to all the hard-to-reach places. There’s also a Mini-Scoop that you can place in the middle to get a flatter surface.

At the same time, you can use the Mini-Scoop to prop your hips up when masturbating in front of the webcam. You can even use it for extra neck support if you’re just lying in bed after a hard day’s work.


  1. Great for a huge variety of sex positions for intercourse or masturbation
  2. Provides full body support
  3. Velvety machine-washable cover that feels amazing on the skin
  4. Blends in with other furniture
  5. Twelve fabric options to match your aesthetic


  1. Expensive

2. Lucy’s Novelties Wand Massager Chair

It may not look like much, but this Wand Massage Chair by Lucy’s Novelties will definitely come in handy during your shows.

For one, it lets you relish in some hands-free masturbation while giving your clients an unobstructed view.

Plus, it accommodates various types of sex toys, including rabbits, vibrators, and dildos.

At its core, this is just a chair with a convenient hole and a strong clamp to keep any toy in place. But to a cam model, it’s a great piece of equipment that can make your performance a whole lot more interesting.

You can get a lot of huge tips simply by using this chair. Imagine being able to pleasure yourself while your hands are free to do whatever your viewers ask. You can fondle yourself, tie your hands behind your back, or reply to chat messages.

When the show’s over, you can easily fold the chair away and hide it in plain sight. No one will actually think it’s anything else but a chair.

It’s also easy to clean and has a storage bag to keep off dust between shows.


  1. Adjustable clamp lets you fit various toys into the hole
  2. Sleek black color is perfectly neutral for any kind of show
  3. Robust build
  4. Inconspicuous design
  5. Folds away neatly under a bed, in a closet, etc.


  1. Expensive for a chair/sex mount
  2. Best for small to average-sized frames

3. Liberator Bonbon Sex Toy Mount

Although it does the same thing as the previous entry, the Bonbon Sex Toy Mount from Liberator is actually much easier to hide among your pillows without anyone suspecting a thing.

It lets you play with yourself while clients tip you left and right. Once you’re done, you can also use it as a back support for reading in bed or a place to prop up your feet.

Still, the best part about this mount is that it’s well-made. It has high-density foam and supportive cushioning, which should let you find the right position when using it with your favorite dildo.

The cover also feels soft, almost luxurious on the skin but isn’t so delicate that you can’t throw it into the washing machine.

The only major disadvantage? You can’t use this mount with a Hitachi massager or other big vibrators.


  1. Supportive pillow mount for both solo and couple play
  2. Incredibly soft and silky fabric cover
  3. Bouncy (perfect for reaching orgasm fast)
  4. Available in seven fabric options
  5. Easy to hide in plain sight


  1. May be too tall for short people
  2. Not meant for large toys

4. Black Label Zeppelin

If you have some dollars and a lot of space to spare, take a look at the Black Label Zeppelin from Liberator. It’s an unconventional piece of furniture you won’t be able to resist.

The Zeppelin is an oversized cushion you can use instead of a bed, a chaise, or a chair. It looks like a giant bean bag, but instead of polystyrene beads, it’s filled with shredded high-density foam to give you a lot of nice bounce while taking pressure off your joints.

It’s a great way to stay comfortable during your show so you can focus on your own pleasure.

It’s also very pretty with a luxurious velvety cover. You can also choose to add built-in cuffs to it. If you’re camming with a partner, the cuffs should really give your viewers a show they won’t forget.


  1. High-density foam filling that adjusts to your body
  2. Extremely comfortable
  3. Great for masturbation and intercourse
  4. Luxurious, velvety cover
  5. Will add a touch of glam to your shows


  1. Tricky to store away; way too big for some closets and cannot fit under a bed

5. Liberator Jaz Sex Positioning Pillow

If anything else besides a small pillow is too big, we recommend the Jaz Sex Positioning Pillow.

Although it looks nondescript, its power lies in its ability to support your body, no matter what you’re doing in front of the camera.

Whether you need some extra back support while sitting on your chair or something to lean into while on the sofa, this pillow has you covered.

You can prop up your hips with it, letting your clients get a better view of what you’re doing with your dildo or vibrator. It’s also incredible at lifting your butt and letting you showcase your assets.

The only trouble is that it may be too small for some cam models. Also, if you’re used to lying on soft mattresses, you might find this pillow a little too firm.

The upside is that its size and simple design make it a great choice for camming in your bedroom.


  1. Great for positioning yourself in front of the camera
  2. Firm enough not to lose its shape fast
  3. Stable enough to keep you in the perfect position
  4. Machine-washable cover


  1. Might be too firm for some people

Final Thoughts

Camwork should be as comfortable as possible. You need to be able to relax and let loose so you can shine in front of the camera.

Of course, you can do all that with the same bed you’ve been sleeping on for the last several years.

But when you’re ready to up your cam game, investing in a few good pieces of furniture designed specifically for great sex is the way to go.