If you want to branch out of camming to supplement your earnings, you can try the girlfriend experience (GFE). It’s quite popular with affluent clients. But you may be wondering what GFE is. Is it a sugar baby/sugar daddy setup? Is it a new type of escorting? Well, sort of.

GFE is essentially a relationship service, but the terms are often negotiated beforehand. It’s often a long-term agreement between two parties. And just like with any conventional relationships, not all GFEs are the same.

Just like sugaring, GFE emulates dating–but it’s still a service paid for in cash and gifts. If you want to provide a true girlfriend experience, you need to make your client believe that you desire them. Some emotional intimacy is also required.

What Does Girlfriend Experience Mean?

If we define girlfriend experience, it simply means what it’s called. Men pay sex workers to pretend to be their girlfriend. Your client requires that you speak and act like the two of you have a romantic relationship. In some cases, a GFE does not involve any sexual favors. Some men genuinely want companionship above anything else. But this is something you need to clear up with your client before you start the relationship.

There are many reasons why men solicit women for GFE. It could be because they’re too busy to maintain a relationship or they want to experience the benefits of having a girlfriend minus all the hard work. Physically disabled men who have never been in a relationship with a woman may find GFE a rewarding experience. Many of these men are lonely and are just looking for someone to laugh with and talk to them to make them feel better. They just want companionship.

GFE often requires longer sessions. This is a good chance for you to earn more money from the same client while doing less work (if there’s no sex involved). However, the most notable downside to GFE is the “emotional labor” that comes with it. You need to exert more emotional effort to make your clients believe that you really care for them. But you should be careful not to become emotionally attached to your client. It does happen from time to time.

Additionally, you have to be down with kissing and cuddling. Some women are okay with kissing, but some aren’t. Know your limitations. You also need to have a way with words. After all, finding the right words to make your client feel really special is not that easy.

Why is GFE More Expensive than Sex?

A girlfriend experience service may or may not include sex. But, either way, it’s often priced higher than regular sex service. Why? Because you’re giving intimacy. Yes. It’s paid intimacy, but intimacy nonetheless. You’re giving a part of yourself away. It’s like letting them penetrate your person and not just your body. Even though it’s a paid service, there is still authenticity in the experience, especially during the moment.

Making Money as an Online GFE: Is It Possible?

Yes this is more than possible. In fact, many experienced camgirls have been doing this for years. So, how do you become an online GFE? First, you need to set some ground rules.

Some clients take GFE very seriously. While this is good for business, it can easily become dangerous when your client starts crossing the line. This scenario isn’t that far-fetched since you’re expressing interest or love for the customer during your verbal communications.

Make it clear to your client that you’re only there to fulfill a fantasy. In fact, adding the word “fantasy” in your ad helps reiterate this idea. You can also set some specific working hours to remind your client that you’re just providing a service. Moreover, don’t be afraid to set limits on what’s allowed and what’s not.

Here are some online GFE services you can offer.

1. GFE Video Shows

When offering GFE video shows, make your clients believe they’re in a long-distance video call with their partner. Use pet names, act familiar, and be genuinely caring and passionate when communicating with your client—just like any real girlfriend would do.

Aside from the sexual aspects of the show, most men who avail of this service want to have a normal conversation as they would with their girlfriend. They want to share with you how their day went and what interests them. Make it a point to ask them about their day and work.

2. GFE Clips and Customs

Unlike GFE shows, GFE clips are not live. You have more room for mistakes and edits when creating one. You also get to add more ideas in your GFE clips. For example, you can film yourself playing with yourself while talking to them.

3. GFE Texting and Sexting

Texting is one of the most natural ways real-life partners communicate with each other. That’s why clients really like it. It makes them feel like they’re talking to their girlfriend. It doesn’t always have to be sexual. But if your client wants to spice things up, a round of sexting will quickly get things heated up. However, this can be a little tricky when it comes to pricing. Your best option would be to offer a pay per reward service, especially if your client wants to keep in contact with you all day.


If it’s always sexual, it’s not GFE. GFE is more about connection and affection than sex. A large part of this service is getting to know your client. Your client would like to get to know you too. GFE is supposed to be fun for both parties. But it’s also just business. So if either you or your client starts getting too serious, you should consider offering alternative services to them. Lastly, when negotiating the terms of your service, don’t let anyone bully you into doing something you’re not comfortable with. You are your own boss. Never forget that.