We have already written some articles about how much webcam models can earn. You have probably heard and read on the net about many different cases. In the text below we will show you complete statistics from one of models. This is just one example of how much you can earn working as a webcam model. So, let’s go.

Making money as a webcam model

One model started to work in August last year. In the first months her earnings were between $100-$300. For beginners it’s not so bad. But many models stay on that beginning and they do nothing to improve their earnings. With this model it’s a different situation. Why is that? People webcam modeling see only as some performance without clothes. In the first hand, it’s probably so. But I think there are many factors which can affect that this may not be as it seems.

As you know there are many ways to earn money. She can sell her videos, make money through private shows or free chat. With the webcam agency her earnings are about 45% from all earnings.

Couple of months later the situation has completely changed. And that is the reason why I think that webcam modeling isn’t only some kind of short term job (striptease). Her client. He is still here. In these couple of months they probably made some relationship between them. Yes, people come to some sites to see naked models. But there are people who want to talk with them about different things, not only striptease or nude bodies. And I suppose that’s what happened between two of them. Of course, he is not the only one. She has a couple of similar clients, but focused on him.

Should I need to say something? She earned over $5000 in 14 days, but for herself “only” $2300. If you find high paying webcam agencies you can earn much more. We already wrote about the best webcam agencies.

Working as a webcam model you can earn really serious money and this is one of the most paying jobs on the internet. You need to be patient with your clients and believe me, after some period you will make serious money as a webcam model. This model did it. And she knows that people will pay for her performance. She changed cost per minute from $2.5 to $6 in January, she has the same clients through this period and she makes really good money.

For only 50 hours (circled) spent in 14 days she made $6000 later.

If you decide to take this job, you need to be patient, charming, positive and before all, you need to be an entrepreneur, and you will earn big money.

Hope this helps. And don’t forget, in webcam modeling entertainment you are the boss.