Is non-nude camming really a thing?

Can you make money without taking off your clothes?

There are probably the questions running in your mind as you contemplate joining the camming world. The simple answer to that is, yes, it’s possible. And it can be quite profitable if you join the right camming site and follow the right approach.

But we’re going to be honest with you. It’s not going to be easy. Only a few non-nude models have ever made a name for themselves. After all, the camming industry is an extremely sexual world. If you really want to be a non-nude model, it’ll be tricky–but it’s doable.

Do Non-Nude Models Make Money?

Yes, non-nude models make money. However, there are some factors you need to consider.

Your success as a non-nude model will depend on what cam site you’re on. Most cam sites, such as Chaturbate, are more show-oriented and sexual. But there are a few websites that are better suited for non-nude camming.

Myfreecams, for example, has a more relaxed vibe where you’re not expected to go all out or come with a bunch of toys. Don’t get us wrong. There are still a lot of sexual things going on there. But it’s your best choice out of all the camming sites for non-nude modeling.

But first, let’s define what non-nude models do and how they differ from nude webcam models.

To be honest, there’s no clear definition of what non-nude is. Some non-nude models don’t undress for their viewers. Instead, they play games with them and talk to them about various topics. But that doesn’t mean that all non-nude cam girls do is chat with their fans. They may still get naked, but the focus of their room is not nudity. Some may also choose to get naked only in private shows.

It’s confusing, we know!

The bottom line is that non-nude can mean different things to different models. So it’s important to define what it means to you and act accordingly. You also need to communicate this to your customers clearly.

The two most popular ways you can pull off being a non-nude model include the girl-next-door approach and the domme approach. If you choose the first option, you have to be extra sweet and friendly to your viewers–but also sexy and alluring. You can also offer the girlfriend experience to your viewers. A lot of guys really dig this.

To be a domme, on the other hand, you need a certain attitude and personality. You also need to familiarize yourself with what submissive men want from you. There are tons of things you can offer as a domme without removing your clothes. These include humiliation, blackmail, findom, and many more. There are various cam sites for dommes, such as NiteFlirt, FemDomAddicts, and CamModelDirectory. Some dommes also prefer using social media and sites like ManyVids to sell their videos.

Whatever your reasons are for going non-nude, make sure to be upfront about it with your viewers. You need to be explicit about what you’re willing to do and what you’re not to avoid misunderstandings.

Tips for Non-Nude Models

Here are some tips to help you become a successful non-nude cam girl.

1. Be warm and friendly but firm

Establish a friendly atmosphere with your viewers. We’ll leave it up to you how you do this. But do your best to showcase your personality over your body. Ban anyone who violates your rules and tries to make the conversation more sexual.

2. Communicate your comfort zone

You’ll need to do this frequently and at every shift. There will be disrespectful reactions from your viewers, but showing your annoyance will do you no good. Do your best to deal with their negative reactions in the most positive way you can. It won’t be easy or fun, but things will hopefully get easier to manage as you become more accustomed to being a non-nude model.

3. Play games

Playing games is a common activity for non-nude models. For example, you can play card games, Battleship, or Hangman with your fans. You can also get a spin wheel and put it to good use.

4. Hold contests and raffles

Holding contests and raffles is an excellent idea if you want to make things exciting for your viewers. This will arouse the guys’ competitiveness, which could mean more tips for you.

5. Send your regulars a token of your appreciation

You can also send handmade prizes/presents in the mail, such as baked goodies, custom drawings, or any other gift you’ve made yourself. This will help further solidify your connection with your viewers.

6. Keep in touch with your customers

Keeping in touch with your viewers, even outside your camming hours, is vital to your success as a non-nude model. When we say keep in touch, we don’t mean you send each one of them a personal text message. Keeping them updated about your day-to-day activities through your social media or personal blog should be enough.

7. Have special Skype hangout sessions with your regulars

Most girls will warn you to stay away from Skype–and they have just cause for doing so. After all, many cam models get scammed by guys via Skype. But holding special sessions for your best regulars now and then won’t hurt. Plus, this is the most requested prize because they get you for themselves, even if it’s for a short time only.

8. Give them a reason to tip you

If you think only nude models get extravagant gifts and tips, think again. Even as a non-nude model, you can still rack up a decent amount in tips from your fans. But since you don’t do cumshows or countdowns for taking clothes off, you can think of other ways to make your show fun and interesting. For example, you can try hula hooping, baking cookies, or even doing some sort of elaborate workout routine.

Hang in There!

You’ll get a lot of viewers who will be rude to you because you’re non-nude. Some will be somewhere in the middle. They won’t be rude, but they’ll frequently complain or nudge you that they’re waiting for the day you get naked. It will be tiring, and it can wear you out. But don’t let that discourage you. Just concentrate on creating an emotional connection with your customers that they’re willing to pay for that connection.