The online world is a many-splendored thing. You can be anything you want to be. You can also reach anyone in the world in an instant. However, it’s also a breeding ground for rude people hiding behind the guise of anonymity. Online trolls have been tormenting users since the beginning of the internet. Now, they are also targeting adult sex workers.

Internet Troll Explained in a Nutshell

Internet trolls are people who like to inflame discussions. They do this by making upsetting, malicious, and rude statements meant to provoke strong emotional responses from people. Trolls are jerks who like to hurt or anger people just for the fun of it.

Trolling has become so common that it has now come to describe any type of online harassment. It can be so severe that it can cause psychological and emotional damage.

Trolls Harassing Sex Workers

If you’ve been a cam model for quite some time, then you’ve most likely been the target of cyberbullying and trolls. The trolling often comes from a group of men who desire to have a sexual relationship but couldn’t. They blame modern society for making it impossible for them to find romantic partners. So they take out their frustration on sex workers.

They call themselves incels, short for “involuntary celibate”. And because most online adult services are not free, it makes them lash out even more on online adult sex workers with harassment, insults, and even stalking.

Unfortunately, online harassment in the adult industry is not limited to incels. It can also involve scorned lovers, unhappy companies because you won’t work with them, and spiteful cam models who are jealous of you. But the reason can sometimes be as mundane as people not having anything better to do.

Putting Trolls in Their Place

As a cam model, you don’t have the option to privatize your cams, clips, and social media. After all, you use these tools for advertising services and products. That’s why the online adult industry has become the perfect prey for trolls.

So how should you handle internet trolls?

Don’t Let It Get to You

Trolls get immense pleasure when they get a reaction from you. Responding to them angrily only feeds the game they’re playing. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Don’t let yourself get baited. Just ignore them.

Camming is such a competitive industry, especially for the top cam girls and rising stars. So you’ll also most likely hear some nasty things said to you by spiteful cam models. It will be up to you whether you’re going to engage or not. But if you want peace of mind, we suggest that you don’t pay them any attention and focus on your work instead.

Blocking trolls is one of the most effective ways of putting them in their place. Don’t react or reply to their comments. Just give them a taste of an instant block. Without eliciting any reaction from you, they won’t get any satisfaction for their trolling. In most cases, these jerks will not come back and move on.

Ban Them from the Site

If a troll keeps on creating new accounts and coming back to your clip site or cam room even after you’ve blocked them, you can report them to the site. Most cam sites don’t tolerate trolling. Ask the site admin to help you track and ban the troll’s IP address to prevent them from harassing you and other models.

Unfortunately, reporting a fellow cam model to the site for trolling you may not always work. This is especially true if they are a favorite. Just be the bigger person and don’t mind them. Let them wallow in their negativity while you take this time to build yourself a fan base as a cam model.

Find Someone You Can Talk to

Whether it’s a trusted regular, clip producer, or another cam model, having someone to talk to can help get you through troll attacks. Complete your show without engaging with any of the trolls, sign out, and let it all out to someone you trust.

Recognize the Warning Signs of a Dangerous Troll

Most Internet trolls are harmless. But you’ll sometimes come across one that’s scary. They’ll threaten to release your personal information and even try to hack your accounts. They will do anything to scare you.

If this happens to you, get the authorities involved before things go out of hand. Make sure to record everything to help you build a stronger case against them if they refuse to stop harassing you.

Restrict a Troll’s Access to You

As a cam girl, it’s impossible to keep a low online profile. What you can do instead is to turn off the commenting on some of your social media accounts, such as Instagram. You can also mute guest users without an account when you’re on a cam site. Furthermore, avoid creating an account on sites that allow anonymous messaging, such as AskFM and CuriousCat, as this opens you up to troll attacks.

Put on a Brave Front

Trolls will insult your physical appearance, interests, and everything about you to break your spirit. Don’t let that affect you—even if you are being trolled by fellow cam girls. Or, at least, try not to show it. They will think they’ve won if you show you’re hurt. So keep yourself composed throughout your show.

Don’t Let the Trolls Win

Never allow anyone to have power over you that they can persuade you into doing something you don’t want. You can talk to or even become friends with your regular customers. But do not divulge any personal information that can put your safety at risk. They can use this freely given information to blackmail you. Remember, the worst kinds of trolls are often your nicest and best customers who may have felt wronged along the way.

Final Thoughts

Nobody said camming would be easy. You will get attacked by internet trolls numerous times—and it will hurt. Some days you will feel like quitting. But don’t let them control you. Don’t give them the power to win over you. They don’t pay your bills. So hold your head up high and do what you’ve got to do.