Cam girl privacy is a puzzling term, to say the least. For one, when camming, you’re supposed to engage your audience with everything you’ve got, including your looks. Consequently, that has to include showing your face, making the aforementioned phrase obsolete.

Yet, newbie cam girls often wonder if there’s a way to still get some great tips without revealing their faces. Some may be trying to hide their new career choice from their parents. Others may need to protect their reputation because of far worse things than plain ridicule. Either way, they see it as their only choice!

For what it’s worth, remember that there’s nothing wrong with camming. Since the world is already changing fast, it shouldn’t remain a taboo topic. However, are costumes that hide your face even an option today? Do camming websites have strict policies, or is there another way you could hide your identity from those who know you in real life?

Cam girl face recognition is a must on some websites

As many would agree, knowledge is power, so before starting your camming gig, you ought to read up on the terms and conditions of your favorite websites. The chances are, some of them may not allow you to only show off your body. Others, however, may be more lenient.

A great example of this is Chaturbate, which is a fan-favorite of many cam girls. They have a somewhat mild policy regarding camming with a mask; the website actually allows it, provided you send a photo of you with the mask on while holding your ID.

Why, you may ask? Today, age verification is everywhere, and you definitely don’t want to have a nasty brush with the law. Websites have to verify that you’re 18 or older, i.e., that you’re not a minor.

Without a photo they could use to prove your identity and age, websites could be risking their businesses. However, the question arises — what happens after the verification? Is it possible for someone to then take your place and do all the work for you?

Well, even with such a lenient policy, you cannot keep your face off the camera all the time. Camming admins are smart, and they know some girls may try to trick them into verifying their identity only to let someone else cam with clients. Because of that, you may be required to show your face from time to time to prove you’re still the same cam girl.

But most websites might not allow masks at all

Chaturbate is just one website; don’t expect others to be as tolerant regarding masks. In the end, the point of camming is to please the clients through friendly interactions, chatting, and some good old self-satisfying action. With a mask on, you won’t be able to keep the focus on you, not to mention that it will seem as if you don’t trust the person you’re camming for. That can leave a bad taste in the mouth and drive clients away!

Other options you could try

Considering that the tides still haven’t turned in your favor in the camming industry, it’s time to think of some alternatives. Just because it’s important for you to hide your face doesn’t mean you cannot become a successful cam girl. In fact, websites themselves offer privacy options. You could also delve into some niches where masks are bound to bring you even more tips.

Consider geoblocking

If you happen to find a website that prohibits you from wearing a mask all the time, consider blocking some viewers from your region. With geoblocking, you can (somewhat) get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to show your face to your clients and dazzle them with your looks, work on the intimacy, and host incredible, mind-blowing shows. But to keep your privacy intact, you can prevent anyone from your city or even country from going online and watching your performance.

There is a slight catch, though. This move means that you’ll lower your traffic naturally, as many potential clients might not be able to see your show. On top of that, the method isn’t as sophisticated as it sounds. If someone is using a VPN, for example, they can bypass the restrictions. The same goes if they are traveling outside of the blocked area.

Opt for cosplay

Another viable alternative is trying your luck at cosplay. Many cam girls have struck gold with this niche; it allows them to protect their privacy a bit while still giving the clients what they want. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to keep things fresh; your audience is unlikely to get bored if you often think of costumes that play well with a particular narrative.

Of course, you shouldn’t hide your face entirely, as that may not be allowed by the website. But everything else you can use to conceal your identity, such as makeup, wigs, glasses, hats, etc., is fair game. You could disguise yourself as a girl superhero, a nurse, a pirate, a librarian, and even a fantasy creature, such as a mermaid, for example. All of these could very well hide your identity so that your acquaintances don’t recognize you right off the bat.

Delve into fetish camming

Finally, there are also websites that support fetish camming, which means that, in some cases, you may be able to wear a mask over your face. Sexy materials like leather and PVC are loved by many, so you’re bound to find a few clients and even regularly attract new ones who may not be ready for fetish porn yet. It’s likely that they will eat it all up and tip you well if you play the part perfectly.

Final thoughts

Novice cam girls are often afraid that family members and friends will soon discover their new careers. As unlikely as that might be — not everyone is looking for that kind of pleasure online — there are some ways you could protect your privacy.

However, remember that any sort of elaborate mask or costume is bound to feel restricting at times. When hiding behind it, it’s unlikely you’ll ever feel at ease enough to truly engage your clients. Therefore, take it slow and try geoblocking as well as some simpler masks that only cover a part of your face (think Batgirl or sexy lace masks). Once you see the tips rolling in and gain more confidence, you may feel more at ease to reveal it all and let the audience experience you in full.