In the world of perfect cam girls, the competition is fierce, and if you’re not giving this career choice everything you’ve got — you cannot hope to splash around in cash anytime soon. With that in mind, you have to figure out your perfect setup and how you want your cam room to look like.

There are many factors at play here, from lighting and background to props and the mood. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can perfect your camming space.

First things first — you have to be comfortable in your cam room

If you’re comfortable, you will feel more confident in front of the camera, which means you’ll be more than happy to show off your sexiness in the best way possible. However, for comfort to even be an option, you have to find the right camming space.

Using a tiny corner of your room to put up sexy shows won’t do much or earn you the money you want. You won’t have enough space to move or do all the positions your viewers might want from you.

So, don’t even bother with tight corners — aim bigger. It would be best if you could cam from a bed. Customers absolutely adore that as it allows them to really play up the fantasy. What’s more, you’ll have enough room for all those positions, AND you will be comfortable throughout the show.

For some cam girls, though, this might not be an option — but don’t despair. A couch would work well too, and you could always spruce it up a bit with a few soft blankets. In fact, you could switch out blankets according to the show you’re putting up or how you feel that day. Whatever makes you the most confident and comfortable — that’s what you should do!

Remember that your viewers NEED to see you

You wouldn’t tip someone who’s stripping in a gloomy, almost completely dark room that well, would you? There’s no fun in that! Camming is all about the viewing pleasure, so you have to figure out how to get the best camgirl lighting possible.

Now, don’t immediately think you’ll have to splurge on a huge lighting setup — there’s really no need for that. All you have to do is try a few things and see what pleases your viewers the most.

For example, natural lighting is a good bet, although it tends to be quite unpredictable. Also, at times, it won’t be possible to cam in front of a window. After all, most people crave pleasure at night.

So, you’ll have to experiment a bit. Start with one lamp. If that doesn’t work well, add a couple more. The aim is to get rid of all the shadows and to make sure the image your viewers are getting is as clear as possible. Usually, the perfect solution is to get three light sources. Two should go on either side of you, while the third one should be positioned right in front of you.

You’re selling a fantasy — so your cam girl room cannot be cluttered!

Being sexy in front of the camera and twisting your body into positions that make your viewers go wild does require a bit of prep beforehand. Additionally, you cannot expect them to keep their eyes on you if your cam room is messy.

Needless to say, a bit of tidying up before the show starts is essential. You want to remove all the clutter and throw it someplace where your viewers won’t see it. If you don’t have time to thoroughly clean up your camming area, using your closet as the designed spot for all the stuff you don’t need during the show is a fine idea.

Consider the background and make sure it matches your persona

Obviously, camming is a world where anyone can be whoever they want and still earn great cash. However, you won’t get very far if you don’t put enough effort into bringing fantasy to life.

What this means is that you should consider all the cam girl show ideas you have and play them up a bit to fit your personality and space where you’re filming. For example, if you want to emulate a cute, sexy teen, then your cam room has to contribute to that. Making it all fancy or even minimalistic won’t do, purely because teens are not like that!

Likewise, if you’re into bondage or something similar, you will want your room to play up that trait and add to the whole experience. Having pictures of your dog on the wall behind you will likely ruin the fantasy — and your tip prospects.

Solid background vs. different colors & textures

If you just want to keep it simple, you can always opt to have a blank background, i.e., a solid color behind you. That way, you can be the center of attention — there won’t be anything that might distract the viewers.

However, you don’t have to limit your creativity if you don’t want to. If you want a dazzling wallpaper behind you and you know it fits your persona, as well as your shows, why not?

But don’t stop there if you’re looking to reach the stars in this industry. Some cam girls even opt to have a whiteboard behind them. That way, they can amp up the fun by holding contests or listing their highest tippers. Seeing your name at the bottom of a list makes you want to get to the top — and that’s exactly the incentive you want to provide your viewers with.

Perfect cam girls know where all their toys and supplies are

The most thrilling thing about camming, at least for the viewers, is the opportunity to see you use all sorts of toys and gadgets to sex up the show. Therefore, it won’t bode well with even the horniest individuals if you have to go on a scavenger hunt every time they have a request.

Basically, you need to be organized in order to earn the dough you deserve. So, before each show, make sure you have a few drawers or even bins full of stuff you might need within reach.

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What should you put in those bins? Well, anything you might need during the show! Of course, a towel and baby wipes are essential so that you can keep everything clean. Then, all your toys and additional supplies (lube, for example) should be in one bin and nearby. You could even keep a few different outfits in front of you just in case, and some pumps too!

Setting the mood with essential oils

Finally, even though your camming space has to be top-notch so that you can earn those dollars, you also have to think about the mood. If you feel good while camming and you’re relaxed, your viewers will notice that and keep coming back for more.

But how do you achieve just the right ambiance? Well, you could add an essential oil diffuser somewhere behind your setup. Some scents are able to brighten the mood instantly. Experiment a bit with rose, fennel, neroli, and ylang-ylang. These can help you relax a bit if you’re nervous, and some of them are even great aphrodisiacs!

A few parting words

Behind all the sexiness of a cam room, there’s a lot of effort at play, not to mention prep time that could make or break your career. Therefore, besides aiming to give the viewers everything they desire, ensure your camming space is worth a hefty tip too. After all, to be incredible at camming, you have to consider everything your customers will see, nust how enticing you look.