One of the most important things about live cam shows is setting the right mood. Fortunately, camming models have a wide range of things that can help with that — and music is just one of the tools at their disposal.

Aside from being enjoyable for the performers, music can also help keep the audience in thrall. More than anything else, though, the audience wants to connect with the cam model. Therefore, for camming models, showcasing music taste is one way to invite the audience in.

However, if you try to use background music for adult cam show streams, you may run into certain legal issues. Still, while the issues of intellectual property might be overlooked in live shows, using copyrighted music for camming video clips is problematic.

Can you use copyrighted music for camming video clips or shows?

As you know, music is an integral part of any webcamming show. However, performers who use copyrighted background music for adult cam show streams are running the risk of getting reported and possibly even sued. Due to the complicated legality of the matter, most camming sites don’t allow performers to play copyrighted music during their shows.

Still, the chances of somebody reporting a cam model for such a violation on a live camming show are fairly slim. But if the performer or one of the members of their audience were to save and post parts of the show as clips — it would be another story altogether.

Remember, camming clips stay online forever. So if you used copyrighted music for camming video streams, the evidence will stay online if you post the clips. The owner of the copyright would have plenty of time to find the source of the video. And, obviously, the same laws would apply if you’re simply a clip producer without being a live cam show model.

Do intellectual property laws include covers?

Now, what if playing an instrument is a part of your act? Many performers use their musical skills to charm their audience. In that case, you might be wondering if the covers of famous songs are protected by intellectual property laws.

Whether you’re planning on performing famous songs yourself or playing other people’s covers — copyright may still apply. In fact, most songs actually have several copyright claims on them. The original song might have the music arrangement and the lyrics copyrighted. However, each subsequent cover may have a copyright on the arrangement only.

For example, some of the most famous Johnny Cash songs are covers. Still, his versions are, in some cases, much more famous than the originals. So if you’re playing a cover that’s more famous than the original, the likelihood of getting a copyright strike is higher.

Still, if you’re looking for background music for adult cam show clips, you should limit the search to attainable songs. Alternately, you can always just play your own songs, if you have any.

Royalty-free alternatives

If you want to find background music for adult cam show streams, you’ll need to be sure that the songs are free to use. Start by simply looking up “royalty-free” and the genre you like on Google or even YouTube.

Some of the music you find will definitely sound like stock music you might see in third-rate commercials. Still, you may discover some real gems. There are plenty of sites that offer countless options, such as AudioJungle, Artlist, Audioblocks — even Amazon.

Spotify is another great way to find royalty-free music for camming video streams and clips. You’ll find channels that exclusively post royalty-free music.

A new kind of camming site

Hopefully, this webcam model’s music guide has helped you learn the ins and outs of the music disputes in the webcamming industry. Most camming sites don’t allow performers to use copyrighted materials in their content. So, if you want to have background music, you’re left with the following options:

Play music you have made Use royalty-free music Acquire rights to play copyrighted music by buying them Reach out to the artists for permission to use their songs in streams or clips (it’s been known to work, though not many acts will agree to it)

Alternately, you could also seek out camming sites that have music support built into their system. Right now, BongaCams is one of the rare services that offer cam models to use copyrighted music from YouTube during their streams. Their AutoDJ chatbot allows members to exchange special tokens to add music to the chat room audio player. As the industry develops, more camming sites should begin making their platforms open for copyrighted music.