A lot of cam models go into the business thinking they’ll be rolling in piles of cash within a few days. While there is a possibility, slim as it may be, that such a scenario will happen to you, it’s much more realistic to start earning little and work your way up. Dedication and investing in your job will sooner or later get you to a more than decent earnings. But what do you do in the meantime?

Can cam models earn passive income?

The good news is that there are a lot of opportunities for earning extra cash as a cam model. There are quite a few avenues you can pursue when it comes to extra income. Many of them can be just a side gig that requires little effort. You can just sit back and relax and watch the money flow in. There are also earning opportunities that you can explore every day. Alternatively, you can save some for rainy days, when you simply aren’t in the mood to perform in front of a camera for a bunch of people, or can’t bring yourself to smile. Hey, it happens, we’re all human!

The best cam boy and camgirl income opportunities

While being a cam model is a lucrative gig, extra money is always welcome. Selling photos and videos online, doing adult shows over Skype, selling your lingerie — these are all viable earning options that require minimal effort. You don’t need to invest much to get your side gig going. All you need is:

The good news is — you probably have all that, and you use it regularly for your shows. Beginner cam models, pay attention — if you’re missing one or a few props from our list, make sure you invest in your job sooner rather than later and buy whatever you don’t have. It will be profitable in more than one way.

So, what are the best ways to earn additional money?

Sell photos and videos

This particular strategy requires a bit of preparation and investment. You need to shoot the pictures and videos you plan on selling, and that requires dolling yourself up and taking quite a few shots. However, you can also film and repurpose your camgirl videos and sell them online.

You can sell the pictures and videos to large platforms that host this type of content, or you can sell them yourself. If you don’t mind the extra work, you can make a website and promote it, so your content reaches as many people (and potential buyers) as possible. If you don’t have the will or time, websites such as Customs4U or ManyVids will gladly take your pics and videos off your hands.

Sell used underwear

Yes, this might seem like quite a big leap from the previous topic, but hear us out. We have to mention this cash earning possibility because it pays well, and it requires little to no effort.

Although it sounds dirty, selling used panties online is actually an easy way to earn money. In fact, there’s quite a big chance that you’ve already been propositioned to do so in the past — most cam models have.

So why not take advantage of that opportunity? In this business, we don’t kink-shame. People who want to pay a nice sum of money for worn panties, bras, socks, or lingerie are free to do so. And you are free to take them up on their offer.

Where to sell used panties?

So, how to sell panties online? To make sure this goes off without a hitch, you can use websites explicitly designated to these types of transactions. ExtraLunchMoney and JustForFans are just two of many websites where you can easily set up exchanging panties or lingerie for money. They do take a percentage of your earnings, though. If you want to avoid that, you can negotiate the deal yourself and mail the panties, but be careful of scammers.

Yes, quite a shocker — people who want to buy used panties can scam you out of them, literally and figuratively. They can claim they got something other than what was promised or that the product wasn’t in “expected condition.” The best way to work around this is to advertise the items while wearing them. That way, you have proof of intent to sell and buy.

There’s also an excellent way to earn even more extra cash by selling worn lingerie online. The money just keeps rolling in, right? You can include pictures or videos of you wearing the items with the package for a steeper price.

Snapchat and its variants

Snapchat changed the game when it comes to webcam modeling. More specifically, premium subscriptions on Snapchat changed the game. These subscriptions give users access to accounts of cam models. Third parties — networks like AdultMemberSites, Erotifix, ManyVids , ModelCentro, and FanCentro — mediate between the users and the cam models, and accept and issue payments.

Snapchat is an easy way to earn extra cash because chances are you’re already using it for promotion. Now, you just have to put a little bit of effort into your content. You can sell monthly, annual, or lifetime subscriptions.

The more effort you put into your content, the more followers you’ll have. A lot of followers means a hefty profit, so why miss out on a golden opportunity? Snapchat offers a seemingly limitless potential profit. In theory, your number of followers could keep growing, and your earnings would skyrocket.

While having a few million followers might seem like a tall order, who knows — with clever promotion and dedication, you could be earning most of your profits via Snapchat.

OnlyFans — the perfect Snapchat clone

OnlyFans is a simpler version of Snapchat. It doesn’t have as much earning potential, but it is more straightforward in terms of interacting with your subscribers. Members pay for pictures and videos without the obligation to subscribe. This might seem like money out of your pocket, but some models find it easier because they don’t have to convince their audience members to subscribe.

Adult Skype shows

Skype shows offer more privacy than private chats. There are several ways to go around starting this type of business. You can get listed at the SkyPrivate booking directory, or use sites like CamLust, ErotiFix, or IndieBill. While this isn’t exactly a passive income source, it’s still an excellent way to earn more cash by doing something you would have done anyway.

Webcam modeling jobs and Skype modeling differ in earning potential. Skype shows are an opportunity for the cam model to keep most or all of the earnings, without having to share the profits with the camming website. Every show is prepaid, and it pays by the minute. You can determine your own per-minute price. Keep in mind that it’s up to the cam-model to stop the show once the prepaid minutes are up, so don’t get carried away. Don’t work for free!

Do male cam models have a harder time earning extra income?

With the steady growth of the webcam modeling industry, webcam jobs for men are not as rare as they once were. Male cam shows are just as popular as the female ones, and sexy boys can earn a living in front of a camera.

The male cam chat community isn’t as large as the female one. However, that’s a fantastic opportunity for all the boys out there looking to earn a buck. The competition also isn’t as fierce. That means gorgeous boys might have it easier when it comes to gathering a loyal fan base. What’s more, guys have an easier time because some of the categories are quite specific and thus lucrative. Twinks, otters, bears, and other groups are not that competitive, given that they require a distinct physical appearance, which allows for easier revenue.

So, male webcam videos bring in the dough, but extra cash earning opportunities are there as well. Boys can employ the same tactics as the girls. Granted, the community of people willing to buy their underwear isn’t as large, but that’s still a viable option.

Snatch every opportunity

Money isn’t easy to come by, so we recommend taking any opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash. If done right, passive income can, in time, surpass your main profit.