Being a cam model is not all it’s cracked up to be. What’s more, while cam modeling isn’t a particularly tricky job (it’s not brain surgery after all), you still have to give it your all, be dedicated, unique, and engaging to earn a real buck. Therefore, it takes more than merely taking your clothes off to earn money. When you become a webcam girl or boy, the first advice you’ll get is how to capitalize on your new calling.

Camgirl tips on making a profit

When you go into the webcam business, you must have a good strategy in place. You have to attract viewers, entertain them, and turn them into regular viewers. However, building a loyal fan base that will give you a steady income is hard. That’s why most cam models try to get as many private cam shows as they can. That’s what brings in the big bucks.

The difference between public and private shows

The beauty of a private cam show is that it’s incredibly profitable. Unlike public shows, private shows are for one viewer (or rarely a small group) and are charged by the minute. What’s more, models can even set their own per-minute rates.

Why are private sex cam shows so profitable?

Private shows give the models more leverage, as they have the power to determine not only the price but also the minimal duration of the show. In other words, models get to determine their own earnings. However, if you’re looking to become more engaged on a private sex site, keep in mind that determining both the rate and duration is a numbers game. The higher the rates, the fewer shows you’ll have, at least in the beginning, and the same goes for the minimal duration. So, if you’re looking to earn thousands a day on your first month as a webcam model, think again.

Once you figure out the perfect ratio of per-minute rates and the minimum duration, you’ll see that private cam girls, as well as male cam models that mostly do private shows, don’t have any trouble earning money. Why’s that?

Viewers love private shows. It gives them a sense of intimacy because you’re performing just for them. What’s more, they can make requests and interact with you on a more personal level. Everyone loves a good show, but there’s something special when you know the show is for your eyes only, right? Well, that’s precisely why private shows are popular. Viewers feel special, appreciated, and they can make a real connection with the model. Public shows simply can’t compare.

Leverage your position

Sometimes beginner models (or webcamming sites) set low per-minute rates for a private cam chat, and models can’t really earn that much. So, what can you do to earn more cash?

There are a few options you can explore. Some webcamming sites have “spy shows” and “fake privates” that can earn you a bit of extra income. Of course, models looking to capitalize on their private shows should also consider split camming.

Split camming is a neat trick that should be in every cam model’s arsenal. It allows you to stream multiple broadcasts with only one web camera. It’s an excellent way to branch out on multiple public chats and wait for an opportunity for a private show.

Spy shows

Spy shows allow viewers to basically spy on your private show with another viewer. They pay a reduced rate and get the one-on-one experience as long as they accept that they can’t interact with you. Meanwhile, your main viewer who paid a premium price for a private show is none the wiser. It’s really a win-win situation for you.

Spy shows are also a great way to make sure you aren’t losing money. Let’s say you’ve set the rate of your show at 50 tokens per minute and that your minimum is 5 minutes per show. That means that you’ll earn 250 tokens for one private 5-minute show. However, you have to be sure that, once you’re done, you won’t come back to an empty public chat room. If you do, you’re losing money because those viewers you’ve left hanging might not have paid for a private show, but they probably all tipped you at least 10 to 50 tokens. With the spy option, they are still engaged and don’t feel left out, which ultimately means you’ll have something to get back to.

Fake private shows

Fake private shows combine the spy show option with split camming. Not all webcamming sites have this option, but those that do allow the models to give a private show on one site while the viewers from different sites get to spy on it.

How to make your private cam shows better

The better your shows, the more takers you’ll have. The best option is to make your private shows Cam-to-Cam, which allows you to see your client as well as for them to see you. That way, you can create a connection and an intimate atmosphere. You might not think that’s a big deal, but that’s what creates loyalty and gets you, regular clients.

Always bet on your strengths

If you’ve entered into a fetish niche and are a specialized webcam model — congratulations! You’re more likely to score a private show than other, more vanilla performers. However, keep in mind that the more specialized you are, the harder it will be to find viewers. Still, if you found your niche and that’s something you’re good at (or better yet, better than most), don’t shy away from it. Quality will always beat quantity.

Be engaging

When a client asks for a private show, make sure you make it worth their while. Engage them, talk to them, listen to them if that’s what they need, and above all else, satisfy them.

Ask questions

The best way to engage your audience, both in public and in private shows, is to talk to them. Ask them questions about what they’d like to see, hear, or do to you. This is an excellent way to start a private show with a new client. Once you get a steady audience of regulars, you’ll quickly recognize them and know what they want and need from you. However, in the beginning, it’s best to check-in and asks.

Set hard limits

While you must satisfy your client, that doesn’t mean you should be a pushover. Yes, they paid for a private show, but that doesn’t give them absolute dominion over you or your actions. If there are things you aren’t willing to do or lines that you won’t cross, make sure the clients are aware of them. Be polite but firm, and don’t let anyone strongarm you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with. After all, the best cam models are the ones who enjoy their work.