Being a cam model might seem like the perfect way to earn loads of cash without putting in any real work. But if that’s the direction your mind is going in, you’re sorely mistaken. Being a (good) cam model takes a lot of work. After all, just like any other business, cam modeling is all about offering your audience what they need, being unique, and providing something others aren’t.

To achieve stardom in cam modeling, you have to create your own brand and have loyal followers. Viewers should want to come back to see your shows. But how do you accomplish that?

How to engage your cam audience

While searching for cam show ideas, you’ve probably been wondering what makes a perfect cam show. A one-word answer is — mood. You have to know how to set the right mood in your shows.

However, that mood has to not only appeal to your audience but also be on-brand for who you are as a cam model. For example, a black and white filter over your camera lens might seem like a good idea, but only if you’re going for that old-time, classic feel. If you’re more into catering to the BDSM crowd, that filter might be a no-go.

Check yourself (before you wreck yourself)

Cam shows are all about appearance. You have to look the part, no matter what role you’re playing. Therefore, before every show, you have to check that everything is perfect. Your camming area has to be spick and span — no one wants to see dirty laundry or your half-eaten lunch and be reminded that you’re a regular person, just like they are. It’s nothing personal — it’s just killing the illusion and the fairytale you’re trying to sell (and cash in on).

Aside from your surroundings, which are essential, your appearance is even more crucial. Check your makeup, setup, lingerie, toys, etc. — everything has to be in its place because once the show starts, you won’t have any time to change anything. Or, at least you shouldn’t.

Maintaining eye contact

Sure, maintaining eye contact with your audience is virtually impossible, given that they aren’t in the same room as you are. However, a camera lens plays a pretty decent middleman there. So, make sure to maintain eye contact with it at all times. This is why it’s crucial to hit the ground running with every show, so to speak, and have everything ready and within arm’s reach. You don’t want to break the illusion of speaking directly to your audience by looking around for a dildo or fiddling with your keyboard.

So, make sure your lipstick is not smudged, and your hair is gelled to perfection beforehand, and resist the urge to glance down at the monitor to check on it during the show. The connection you make with your audience depends on the eye contact 一 that’s your moneymaker.

Equipment matters

When it comes to the right mood, your equipment is a critical element. And we’re not just talking about the toys here. Although it’s essential to know which ones you’ll use and when, setting the mood takes a lot more than choosing the right vibrator or nipple clamps.


Lighting should be soft, but it should also make the image your viewers see very clear. After all, they pay you to see you, not squint at you.

Place your soft, bright lights strategically around your camming area. The best place for them is behind the camera so that they can illuminate both your body and your facial expressions. Don’t make the lighting harsh, as it will highlight all the flaws all of us inevitably have. Instead, go for more subdued but still intense lighting.

The ideal option is natural lighting. However, since we can’t always have that as it requires shooting during the day and near a window, a professional lighting setup with an umbrella will be a worthy investment.


Most beginner cam models utilize the webcams they have on their laptops. However, if you have some money to spend, consider investing in an external camera. Either way, no matter which camera option you go for, make sure to place it at eye level. Frog perspective never did anyone any favors. There are no sexy webcam girls or hot male cam models with double chins.


While on that subject, let’s talk more about angles. A sexy webcam show requires the perfect perspective. While eye level is a good bet for anyone, you might want to experiment with other options. Consider the bird’s-eye view for your show. This angle, while risky, is a perfect way to engage your audience. It’s unique and different from others; hence, it will help you stand out among other cam models.

Granted, this setup requires more sophisticated equipment, and it somewhat hinders your ability to communicate with your audience directly, at least without a good headset. But it makes for a fantastic view! You’ll need a wireless camera and strategically placed lights that are directed towards your bed but are out of shot. More importantly, you’ll need a great audio set so that your audience can hear everything you say (and moan).


Lingerie is a vital part of setting the mood. It helps you get into character, and it quickly relays your role to your audience. If you’re wondering how to be sexy on a webcam, lingerie is your answer.

Both male and female cam models can profit from investing in lingerie, as long as it fits the brand you’re trying to build. Fem twinks should consider feminine lingerie to enhance the overall experience. Of course, female cam models have it much easier, as they have a large selection of lingerie at their disposal.

However, keep in mind that your lingerie has to be versatile and that it has to look good. What’s more, it should make you feel not only sexy but also comfortable. Pick the lingerie that looks good on you and makes you feel like a million dollars. That’s the only way your audience will believe you’re worth investing in.

Practice makes perfect

If you’re worried about pulling the greatest webcam show ever, remember that no one was born perfect. Practice your performance, try all angles until you find the most flattering one, make sure your makeup, hair, and lingerie are top-notch, and always, always, smile and love what you do. If you’re comfortable and enjoying yourself, your audience will as well.